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Diesel Conversions

Triple J is the UK and Ireland sole conversion centre and know the process well which will at all times be handled competently & professionally by ourselves from start to finish. We can talk you through the process beforehand and advise on the best option and timescale for you. 

With standard Avgas now facing severe price and availability pressures in many parts of the world, many owners are now choosing to make the change and convert to a Jet A1 diesel option.  


The long term benefits are numerous and we are sure you will be very pleased with the final result. Once you’ve flown with a FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control), you won’t want to go back in addition to the fuel cost savings! 


All Continental Diesel engines are certified according to the requirements of the FAA and EASA and an additional 60 further countries. They are technically advanced diesel engines which can operate on auto-diesel (DIN 590) Continental Diesel engines can be used both as a retrofit as well as factory new aircraft and offer the following benefits:

  • Reliability and safety thanks to the redundant FADEC system without mechanical back-up

  • Significantly lower operating cost because of lower consumption and lower fuel prices than Avgas in many countries

  • Lower fuel consumption leading to longer range

  • Comfortable operation

  • Electronic event log

  • A green engine: no carbon monoxide poisoning possible, no lead emissions, comparable lower nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbon emissions too.


Certified installations are available for the most common aircraft like Cessna 172 and 206, Piper PA28, Robin DR400 and Diamond DA40 TDI as well as DA42 Twin Star. Continental Diesel pilots also have a global network of more than 300 authorized service centers at their disposal.


Altogether, the some 3,500 plus Continental Diesel engines operated in General Aviation have to date successfully completed more than 3.5 million flight hours. The weight of all Continental Diesel engines 1.7 and CD-135 is identical so that each 1.7 l engine can be replaced by a CD-135 engine.

Get in touch with our team to find out more or book your diesel conversion.
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